On February 14th, County Mayor Lee Harris, along with other local dignitaries, gathered on Nixon Drive for a special occasion. The Ops Center is now known as the O.C. Pleasant Operations Center, in honor of  the longest serving commissioner in the Election Commission’s history, O.C. Pleasant, Jr.
Harris spoke at the ceremony, as did former State Senator Beverly Marrero, NAACP Memphis Chapter President Diedre Malone, and Joseph Long, who is Chapter Polemarch for the Memphis Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity. Members of the Pleasant family, Barbara, Pleasant’s wife, and Darryl, his son, were also present.
Linda Phillips, Administrator of Elections and Joe Young, Deputy Administrator, presented Barbara with a plaque acknowledging her husband’s service with the Election Commission. She sat next to the couple’s son, Darryl during the ceremony. Barbara also was given the U.S. Flag that flew over the center prior to the dedication ceremony.
Pleasant served as an election commissioner for 30 years, most of those years as chairman and was known for his steady leadership.