Administrator's Note

Linda Phillips PhotoSeptember, the last month of the third quarter, is National Voter Registration Month. When we first began publishing the newsletter, the idea was that it would be distributed at the end of each quarter, as an update of what’s going on at the Election Commission with an eye toward upcoming events. But since September is a special month for election commissions, we decided that each year, we would distribute the third quarter newsletter early.

There’s so much going on this month, which you’ll see as you read the Voter Registration schedule. We’re offering opportunities to register to vote at events across the county, from the Delta Fair in Cordova, to the Goat Days Festival in
Millington, the free weekend Levitt Shell concerts in Midtown, and numerous other locations.
Registering to vote is extremely important, but it’s only the first step. It progresses naturally to something that is both the privilege and the duty of citizens of our great country, to have a voice in government, by voting. On page 2, you’ll read about our social media campaign aimed at the youngest segment of the adult population, 18-25 year -olds. This group is the one with the lowest turnout at the polls. This must change.
But, we need your help. The next time you get together with your family, talk to them about voting. Tell them how excited you were the first time you voted and offer to go with them.
What we do and say does affect our next generation, so please, remember to discuss the importance of voting in every election.

Election News

Early Voting for Arlington Municipal Sept. 1 – Sept. 16 Times Vary: Visit
City of Arlington Municipal Election - Sept. 21, 2017 Polls open 7am—7pm
First Day to Pick Up Petitions for 2018 County Primary Elections – Nov. 17
Election Fact: Someone can become a candidate by either raising money, announcing candidacy
or filing a petition. A person who announces candidacy for office must file an Appointment of
Treasurer Form before they can receive contributions or make expenditures.

Voting Rocks!

Image Showing importance of actually votingThese colorful rocks are hidden in public locations around the county. As part of our celebration of National Voter Registration Month, the rocks are being used in a social media campaign to engage a younger segment of Shelby County residents.
We must engage the 18-25 age group in the voting process. The goal is to get those young people thinking and excited about voting. Those who aren’t registered can easily do so online at They can also download the GoVoteTN app and register from their mobile devices.
“We want to go beyond just registering to vote,” said Linda Phillips, administrator of elections, “We want to remind people about the importance of actually voting.”
People who email us a photo of him or herself with their rock in hand, will receive a reusable sports bag (while supplies last), which will be sent by mail. The email must include the sender’s full name and address and we’ll notify you by email when your bag is sent. Everyone who sends in a photo of the rock they found will also be entered in a drawing for Visa gift cards. The Election Commissioners themselves have underwritten the cost of the cards.
The intent is for the person to put the rock back where it was found, but we won’t mind if someone decides to keep the rock, after emailing us their photo. Perhaps having rocks sitting around - they make great paperweights – may remind
someone to go and vote.
The rocks are hidden in locations in and around libraries, parks, schools, and other public places, so they aren’t too difficult to find. “We chose locations that are traditionally safe places. Some are hidden in privately owned stores.”
For hints about where to look, follow us on our Facebook page, Shelby County TN Election Commission.
Email your picture to: or post on public social media with the hashtag #Vote901
Find a rock, send us a picture and get a sports bag!

Tennessee Promise

Volunteers Welcome

A change in Tennessee Law, (SB 228) allows election officials to serve without compensation. This is of interest to people who are Tennessee Promise
Scholarship recipients because they are required to complete eight hours of volunteer activities. What better way to spend time volunteering than helping those who want to do their civic duty and VOTE!

September Voter Registration Events

The Shelby County Election Commission will be at the following events in September to allow voters to register, change their address, or just ask questions! Check our website for the events scheduled on September 26th, which is National Voter Registration Day.
Sept 1—10
Delta Fair
Agricenter International
Times Vary: See
Sept 2
WLOK Stone Soul Picnic
Levitt Shell in Overton Park
Sept 2—3
Southern Heritage Music Festival
Main Street between Peabody Place
and Union
Sept. 4
Faith and Labor Picnic
Trinity United Methodist Church
September 7—10
Orion Free Concerts
Levitt Shell in Overton Park
Sept 8—9
Goat Days Festival—Millington
4351 Babe Howard Blvd.
Friday 6pm—10pm
Saturday 10am—4pm
Sept 9 –10
Germantown Festival
7745 Poplar Pike
Saturday 9:30am—6pm
Sunday Noon—6pm
Sept 14
Naturalization Ceremony
Federal Courthouse 9th Floor
Sept 14—17
Orion Free Concerts
Levitt Shell in Overton Park
Sept 16
Christian Brothers University
650 E Parkway South
Sept 17
Christ Missionary Baptist Church
480 S Parkway East
Sept 21—24
Orion Free Concerts
Levitt Shell in Overton Park
Sept 22
Kirby Pines Retirem’t Community
3535 Kirby Parkway Road
Sept 22—24
Block Party and Picnic for Peace
Ed Rice Community Center and Park
Sept 28—30
Orion Free Concerts
Levitt Shell in Overton Park
Sept 29 –30
2017 Bartlett Festival
W.J. Freeman Park
2629 Bartlett Blvd.
Friday 6pm—9:30 pm
Saturday 10am—6pm
Sept 30
Temple of Deliverance COGIC
5078 Millbranch Road
Visit our website for additional events!
If you would like us to participate in your community event, just call us at least ten days in advance at 222-1200. We can’t promise that we can attend every event but we will try!

Online Voter Registration

Tennessee law now allows state residents to register to vote online. The new system, which started in September, allows residents who are U.S. citizens and who have a driver’s license or photo ID issued by the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security to register to vote online. Each online voter registration application is checked against the department's database while securely obtaining an electronic signature already on file with the state.
Although those who register online must vote in person the first time , it is still a lot easier for them to register.
To register to vote online, visit, or download the GoVoteTN app and submit your application from your mobile device.

Shelby County Election Commission

Visit either office:
150 Washington, Suite 205
Elections Operations Center
980 Nixon Drive
(Next to Shelby Farms)
Phone: 901-222-1200
Fax: 901-222-6811

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Shelby County TN Election Commission
Use these hashtags: #Vote901 #GoVoteTN

Help Us Name the Cuddly Candidates!

These adorable stuffed animals have a purpose beyond cuteness. We are using them in an early childhood education program to help youngsters learn about the way the voting process works. Our adorable candidates need names though. Please call 222-6800 with your suggestions or post them on our Facebook page—Shelby County TN Election Commission.
“It’s really never too early to learn about elections and that everyone is equal in the voting booth,” said Linda Phillips, administrator of elections.
Students can learn about voting, when Phillips brings our fuzzy field of candidates into their classroom. Using paper ballots, the students will vote on which candidate is their favorite.
After they cast their ballots, they will be given an “I Voted Today” sticker.
If you’re interested in having the class at your child’s school, call 901-222-6800 or email: