Welcome to our new website!  We hope that you will find it easier to navigate.  All of the information can be accessed from the six tabs across the top.  The major sections are:

·         Voters – go to this tab for information about how to register, voting absentee, obtaining a replacement voter registration card, restoration of voting rights and Voter ID requirements.

·         Poll Workers – If you want to become a pollworker, go to this tab.

·         Candidates – Everything you want to know about becoming a candidate can be found here.  This is also where the link to campaign finance disclosure forms can be located for both state and local candidates.

·         Elections - This is the place to locate all of the information about elections – both upcoming and elections that occurred from 2017 to 2012.

·         Outreach -  Need a speaker?  Want to tour the operations center?  Education materials?   Curious about voting rocks?  All that and more is located on this tab.

·         SCEC -  Go to this tab for information about the Shelby County Election commission.  The agendas & approved minutes can be found here.  There are also some statistics and historical turnout.  The history of the Shelby County Election Commission along with some great historical photos can also be found on here.


Please let us know if there is any other information you would like to see.  If you would like to be updated periodically about the site, please subscribe.  I promise only to send you important information.  Questions or comments?  Email votingrocks@shelbycountytn.gov


Thank you for visiting!