Voting Rocks!

Voting Rocks PhotoThese colorful rocks are hidden in public locations around the county.

If you find a rock, email us a picture of yourself with the rock you found.  We will send you a sports bag. The email must include your full name and address and we’ll notify you by email when your bag is sent.  Everyone who sends in a photo of the rock they found also will be entered in a drawing for a Visa gift card. The Election Commissioners themselves have underwritten the cost of the cards.

The intent is for the person to put the rock back where it was found, but we won’t mind if someone decides to keep the rock, after emailing us their photo. Perhaps having rocks sitting around - they make great paperweights – may remind someone to go and vote.

The rocks are hidden in locations in and around libraries, parks, schools, and other public places, so they aren’t too difficult to find. We chose locations that are traditionally safe places. Some are hidden in privately owned stores.

Email your photo and details to:


Voting Rocks Photo

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